We are here to help

We can support your students, safeguard them and help them to continue learning at home to minimise the disruption that time out of education could cause.

If you are a school that has taken steps to close to reduce the risk of spreading infection, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help support the education of your students while they are at home.

Our unique approach to online learning allows your students to gain a valuable education away from the classroom

Remote Access

Our platform can be accessed from any location with an internet connection that your establishment deems appropriate for learning.

Online Support

Our tutors will guide your students through their lessons taking into account their current learning ability.


Marking and Feedback

Our teachers will mark all of the work submitted by students and provide them with detailed feedback. Users can view full statistics and tracking of progress overtime.

The safegaurding of your off-site students is our greatest priority



While on the system, students will have access to an “alert” button. If at any point there is change in circumstance, the student can use the alert button to alert the relevant staff at your establishment via email, text and phone call.

Safety Questionnaires

Students complete a questionnaire at the beginning of each session to confirm that they feel safe, have the correct equipment and are ready to learn. If a student answers a question negatively, the school will be automatically notified.

Chat Logs

All chat logs, video and audio from your students and teachers using the virtual classroom are recorded and exported to your establishment for safeguarding purposes.

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